The Front and Center Theatre Collaborative has offered a variety of assemblies, residencies, workshops, professional development and opportunities to experience professional performances for all elementary and secondary students as well as teachers throughout the district.  

In 2009, Janice Pober, Senior Vice President, Global Corporate Social Responsibility at Sony Pictures Entertainment with the support of the Culver City Unified School District, Culver City Education Foundation and The City of Culver City brought together the initial three organizations, Center Theatre Group, The Actors’ Gang and We Tell Stories and embarked on an unprecedented theatre collaborative.  Carl Weintraub once called the collaboration a perfect storm. With school budgets globally being less able to support curriculum that lies outside the bounds of basic 3 R curriculum, it is the arts community itself that has stepped up to the task of assuring that our children get the supplemental knowledge that is so crucial to their formation as complete individuals. The idea is not to make actors out of all these kids but to broaden their educational base and offer them different ways of processing the learning that they are getting in the rest of the curriculum.

After a one-year strategic planning process, Front and Center was officially launched with initial funding from Sony Pictures Entertainment, the Carol and James Collins Foundation, the Drown Foundation and the Culver City Education Foundation.  Since its start in 2009, Front and Center has grown to include two additional art partners, the Young Storytellers Foundation and 24th Street Theatre as well as additional funding support from the Fineshriber Foundation and Playa Vista.

The Front and Center Theatre Coordinator, Heather Moses is a CCUSD parent who holds a BA in theatre from Cal State Northridge.  Ms. Moses guides the collaborative partners and stakeholders in the strategic and action plan as well as curriculum and program development.  She communicates regularly with the Arts Partners, CCUSD administrative staff, school principals and teachers to insure the good management of the theatre programming.  She is also responsible for coordinating with the arts partners and school sites in carrying out the plan in the schools.